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Technology Overview

One System, Many Applications

The Palladium™ System provides a cost effective solution for pathogens from a wide range of sample types in resource limited environments. While the device is compact, rugged and portable, the real breakthrough is in the disposable cartridge. The sample preparation and diagnostic cartridge fully automate processes and reduces time, cost and resources.

Time Equipment
Reduce Time Provides results in minutes, not hours or days.
Reduce Cost Lowers the cost per test significantly; processed on equipment that costs 1/10 that of other "mobile" systems.
Reduce Resources Does not require highly trained health care workers; integration and automation puts testing quickly in the hands of the soldier, ranch hand or clinic tech.

The Palladium™ System is based on several key, proprietary enabling technologies:

  1. Fluidics
  2. Sample Preparation
  3. Electronic Detection
  4. Networking


Integrated Nano-Technologies unique cartridge design uses a disposable, injection-molded cartridge to clean and concentrate contaminated samples for identification. The cartridge automates multiple laboratory processes, streamlining equipment and process time:

  • Reagent storage and valving
  • Heating
  • Sonication/mixing
  • Magnetic separation
  • Filtration
  • Desalting/column purification
The novel design allows for flexibility in the number and order of steps performed in the cartridge.

Sample Preparation

INT's sample preparation approach allows for the broadest range of inputs. The sample is disrupted and DNA and RNA are sheared in a single step using ultrasonics for the highest yield. Magnetic particles capture and manipulate the nucleic acid molecules. The process is 95% efficient and provides nucleic acid samples suitable for subsequent processing including PCR, rtPCR, and gene sequencing.

Electronic Detection

The Palladium™ system uses proprietary electronic detection technology. Nucleic acid target amplicons are hybridized to sensor element in an integrated circuit, where they are preferentially metalized and electrically detected.


The Palladium™ System is designed to:

  • Wirelessly report data to a secure central site
  • Automatically alert your workers, WHO or other designated officials of positives
  • Link with surveillance programs to improve modeling
  • Provide continuous feedback between all data systems, allowing you to reassign resources proactively
The Palladium™ System utilizes GPS and Google Earth technology to map results real-time.