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Palladium™ Custom Solutions

The Palladium™ System is designed for flexibility and seamless integration into your existing workflow. To best meet the needs of your infrastructure and workers, Integrated Nano-Technologies (INT) offers:

  • Custom cartridge design
  • Custom software integration


Palladium™ cartridges are flexible to fit the inputs and outputs your application demands.

The unique sample chamber accommodates inputs ranging from human blood to whole insects, and environmental samples such as water and soil.

For testing, the cartridge offers 5 separate sensors. INT can design probes for pathogens or targets of interest.

For sample prep, the filters can be changed for your set of lab processes and desired output. Contact us to learn more.


The Palladium™ System offers global disease surveillance capability. GPS and wireless networked units provide real time results via a secure site, allowing automatic "push" notification of positive results, and reporting when required. We've also developed custom instrumentation to fit your workflow.

INT can design the software integration to fit your needs and improve biological identification in your organization. Contact us to discuss your needs.