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Sample Processing

Integrated Nano-Technologies (INT) has developed a sample preparation process which provides better yields, can be fully automated, and is simpler to use than current approaches. The process works with a wide variety of sample materials. To date, we have used our approach to purify nucleic acids for PCR and sequencing from samples including: insects, animal tissue, human blood, grass, peas, soil, and air filters.

The system uses a modified sonication approach for extraction and sizing of the nucleic acids and novel nano-paramagnetic particles for purification. High yields and reproducibility are obtained by stabilizing nucleic acids during lysis to control degradation. Samples can be aggressively sonicated to ensure complete lysis, without destroying the target material. This also allows for the use of a universal process irrespective of the target organism or sample type. The paramagnetic particles have been engineered to maintain high yields at high and low concentrations of nucleic acids. The magnetic particles allow for capture of several hundred micrograms of DNA and RNA per sample. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the particles efficiently bind and release DNA and RNA when less than femtograms of material are present.

INT's technology allows for fully automated sample preparation. The output nucleic acids are suitable for use in PCR, reverse transcriptase PCR, real-time PCR and automated gene sequencing systems. The Palladium™ System can provide nucleic acid molecules of different lengths with a tight size distribution.

INT is preparing to bring sample preparation kits to market and is developing an automated system for high throughput sample preparation. A modified product will be available shortly afterwards that will allow of purification of proteins for analysis.