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Integrated Nano-Technologies (INT) is developing a biological identification system for advanced diagnostics. INT's Palladium™ System can provide rapid disease identification and genetic testing capabilities for physicians and veterinarians.

Veterinary Diagnostics

Point-of-care technologies, which can identify infectious animals rapidly, will allow for more efficient treatment and isolation of these animals. For example, in the beef cattle industry, INT's Palladium™ System will allow for rapid identification of infectious animals as they enter feedlots thus preventing the introduction of disease into the general population. Current technologies are not adequate for field-based diagnostics. Time between the collection of samples from food animals and test results can be days. The time lag associated with current systems allows infected animals to be introduced into large populations, resulting in the spread of disease, increasing morbidity and mortality, and ultimately decreasing productivity. Rapid on-site identification can greatly minimize the introduction of infected animals and will have a significant positive impact on the productivity of animal operations.

Medical Diagnostics

The ability to screen for multiple diseases simultaneously will enable better disease surveillance. In particular, the occurrence of rare but potentially devastating diseases such as foot-and-mouth disease could be continuously monitored along with more common endemic diseases. Early identification of an occurrence of exotic diseases will allow for rapid containment and could prevent catastrophic losses in the industry in the event of an outbreak.