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Applications Overview

Our Palladium™ System is a platform technology with multiple applications in various markets. Key advantages are the improvements to sample preparation and diagnostics, which simplify and automate lab processes. This enables new applications of nucleic acid identification technologies outside of the laboratory. The system opens up opportunities by lowering costs and speeding time to results.

Test beef cattle in real time instead of days! Practical, easy testing in the field and no time lag means increased productivity and ROI.
1 million people each year die of mosquito–borne illness, and 700 milllion are infected. INT has developed tests to identify pathogens in mosquitos and patients to better control disease.
For the testing of beef cattle as they enter a large feedlot operation, Integrated Nano-Technologies (INT) integrated a bar code scanner and sample collection into the tag punch. Workers receive a text with positive results per batch and animal by tag number, in real time instead of days. Practical, easy testing and no time lag means reduced morbidity and mortality and increased production.

To protect the health of soldiers, INT developed geo-specific test sets to assess mosquito-borne illness risks in a given region. Diseases such as Yellow Fever are automatically reported to the World Health Organization databases.This information ensures that soldiers receive appropriate vaccinations, thus reducing mortality due to disease.

In the Dairy industry, the Palladium™ System is being used to detect mastitis. This bacterial infection impacts milk quality, and during treatment, the animal must be removed from production. In-field testing allows dairy farmers to more effectively treat the animal and return it into production faster.

For food safety,the Palladium™ System is being used to test samples of meat, fruit and vegetables and other food products to detect E. coli 0157 and salmonella. In-line testing can prevent waste and recalls.


Food Testing
Testing for contaminates can occur at the food processing site before the product enters the distribution system. This can prevent expensive and brand-damaging recalls of contaminated products.

Environmental Testing
Testing of water supplies and environmental areas can be completed more easily and quickly with in-field capabilities, allowing for rapid identification of problems and better management of potential health threats.

DNA and RNA testing is widely employed in research laboratories for disease research, development of new drugs and vaccines, as well as characterization of plants and animals. With the rapid increase in DNA sequence information, INT's system provides a tool to carry out rapid screenings of potential disease markers.

INT's identification technology revolutionizes forensic identification by bringing forensic analysis into the field. Networked systems allow for immediate comparisons of DNA sequences to databases, resulting in rapid identification.