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Palladium l Collect Critical Information – Fast! Palladium l Rapid Diagnostics at Point of Care Palladium l Rapid Diagnostics at Point of Care

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Testing Where & When You Couldn't Before

Fast, accurate diagnostics are critical but elusive for many in remote field environments where time constraints, limited resources and infrastructure, long distances, and difficulties in transport and communication add time and limit impact.

Integrated Nano-Technologies (INT) has worked with government, military, university, medical and veterinary personnel and organizations worldwide to develop systems that put on-site testing and diagnostic tools directly in the field.

The Palladium™ System is a fully-automated modern lab in a portable device, capable of complete sample preparation and diagnostics with a minimum of training. Its fully-networked reporting gives critical and actionable results in minutes.

The Palladium™ System will be available for sale in 2014.

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